July 25, 2009

collected nuggets

I know. I've become a sucky blogger. But really, i'm keeping you, darling reader, from boredom and wasted time. If there were more frequent entries, you'd get all the juicy details on topics such as:

Another work day pretty much the same as the rest!

Gee, i feel like I live in my office.

Traffic: it's what we do for dinner.

Hey, FishFest today... more work, but this time in a groovy atmosphere. (and yay for overtime!)

Claudia is coming in less than three weeks. Happy.

Reason to celebrate: car paid off.

Praying that car does not break down.

Family drama (biological and adopted) that i can't post, as to not perpetuate said drama.

Masquer is still good... nothing to report yet. Except September 26th is our fundraiser dinner and it'd be cool if you came.

In a vow to exercise more, i inflated the excercise/pilates ball i have. That's pretty much as far as I've gone to use it, as I have no clue what to do with it now.

For the second night in a row, I will be going to sleep before ten.

Here's to more entertaining/informative/creative/quality entries in the near future. I love you for continuing to read this..........

July 13, 2009

put off

i have a zillion things to say.

i'm also drained. Seems to be a frequent theme lately.

First, Jolie died. We don't really know why... we have a few theories about a well-hidden illness, or the giant black widow spider we found near where she slept. Maybe it was all the fireworks for the fourth that scared her into cardiac arrest. I don't know, and I never will. So i'll spend the energy trying not to dream about her or see her out of the corner of my eye. Anyone who's never loved a cat probably thinks I'm crazy or overly dramatic.

Of course, that's a possibility, too. I'm in the middle of a depressive cycle, got period hormones helping matters, and kind of stressed out about work lately. And there's lots of drama with the people I live with. I'm trying to pull out of this funk. It's only fair to everyone around me. And it's so much easier to accomplish necessary tasks when one is perky. AND Claudia will be here in a month, and I want everything to be awesome for her. That means no mental big sister. She doesn't need that, now does she?

So major thanks and kudos to those of you who don't give up on me, who stick out my drama and moods, and even offer much-needed encouragement. I don't know what i'd do without you. And i pray I don't burn you out.

Meanwhile, in case anyone is interested in the "what i'm doing lately" stuff, here's the run-down:

-Still rehearsing for upcoming Masquer fundraiser dinner (all those in So Cal are welcome to come... hehe, don't make me beg! :) )
- having fun spending some time with my friend who visits frequently from Mississippi.. this time with her lovely father and six dogs in tow... never dull! :) Animal affection always cheers me up.
- still dreaming of kicking my workplace to the curb. Though money and responsibility is necessary (and keeping me there), there has GOT to be a better way than all this drama and stress. I really don't think this was what God had in mind for our lives. Anyone want to hire a freelance writer for an extraordinary amount of money?
- I wrote some lyrics and might post them here, but i fear it's too emo.
- I got the new Regina Spektor album, and love it. However, tickets to her concert at the El Rey sold out, and a tiny little itty bitty piece of my heart broke. I'm still hoping there's some kind of miracle and someone I know has tickets/knows how to get tickets/tickets magically appear on my door step some morning. The Lord has worked many miracles of this sort in the past, perhaps He's a Regina fan, too? I have hope. That's something.


July 01, 2009

poop in a sugar cone

One of the radio hosts I work with says that politics is our faith in action.

Meanwhile, Tony Campolo (and i think G.K. Chesterton) liken the mix of politics and religion to horse manure and ice cream. The horse manure isn't any worse, but it ruins the ice cream (you can decide which is which).

Shane Claiborne opts for living as separated from the government as possible in his book, "Jesus for President".

My pastor brings up controversial political subjects more frequently since the 2008 presidential campaign. He explains it is our responsibility to be a light in the world by fighting for Godly values, and that includes in the political arena.

What do I think? I find myself torn between standing up for what I know to be true, and the benefits of church and state separation. I believe in freedom, and the gift of free will.... but I also care about humanity- a collection of individual brothers and sisters- and want the peace and happiness that comes from living Godly lifestyles. How can I sleep at night if i don't do everything I can to serve God and fellow man? How can I claim to believe what the Bible says, but not reflect that with my actions or my vote? Wouldn't that make me a hypocrite? How do you balance letting a person live their own life before it becomes a lack of caring or concern? Because "love your neighbor" seems like you should have at least a drop of compassion for their well-being- and that includes their soul.

Until then, i will try to live my faith instead of simply giving lip service to ideals. My actions should be speaking louder than my words. I'm still wary of the greed and manipulation of politics, and the hazard of biased media and incomplete facts.

It's all a work in progress.