September 29, 2008

extended weekend

Too bad this couldn't be a long weekend. Instead, today almost doesn't exist. "Yay" for nauseating migraines that dissolve the day into nothing more than a dream-filled marathon nap.

The actual weekend was pretty nifty, though. The ChildShare gala was amazing. I was late getting there after navigating the one-way streets of downtown Los Angeles, but once I got to the California Club, it was like stepping into an old movie. The high ceilings were ornately carved in intricate designs. The carpet and the curtains were red and gold. The tables danced in candlelight, seated with men in tuxedos and black ties, and women in beautiful dresses and sparkling jewelry. And it was all a benefit to raise money for this organization that finds home for kids in need.

We had fun at our table. My friend who invited me for some reason stuck me between herself and her husband. Despite the great awkwardness potential, I was glad to get to know him a little better. There was a lot of laughter among the whole table, which included another lady I knew through my ChildShare friend, my friend Lara and her husband, and three ladies who were sign interpreters. I wished I were more fluent in their quick sign. I only understood tidbits here and there... but it was fun. Add sign language fluency back to my perpetual to-do list...

I wore a simple black dress and black heels (thank you, Kohl's card, for bailing me out again. Note: must NOT make a habit of using this, despite the incredible deals). I had a silver chain that was shaped into different-sized stars and silver bangle bracelets. Soph and I tried to curl my hair (when will we ever learn?), and when it was obvious it wasn't going well, her mom and aunt stepped in. The three of them curled, sprayed, pinned, and with the final touch of Sophia's butterfly barrette, I was read to go. Sadly, I'm not satisfied with the pictures we hurriedly snapped, so I'm not posting them. Your imagination is probably more flattering anyway.

I didn't so much feel like a fish-out-of-water but for a few moments. My friends are remarkably down-to-earth, despite colorful lives of super-mom-sign-interpreter or radio-personality-married-to-tv-producer, which is one of the many reasons i love them. I did have to laugh as I waited for the valet to bring my car (free valet parking- maybe the first and only time i experience THIS luxury). I waited with the fancy-dressy men and women who just moments before were bidding thousands of dollars on the charity auction as their Lexus' (Lexi?), Mercedes', and Audi's pulled up. Then appeared my dirty Cavalier with the busted front license plate. I had to hide my chuckle as I claimed my vehicle. And I do admit those moments driving downtown, I envied my married friends whose husbands safely drove....

So yes, great fun. Also included in the weekend: teachers' appreciation luncheon at church, change in Christmas play plans, an afternoon at Boomer's with teen-boy-cousins, and the low-key season premiere of Desperate Housewives. Today i finished the last book in the "Twilight" series. And can anyone believe it's almost October?

September 25, 2008

i think i need another NOvember

Is it bad when your first thoughts in the morning are "Make it stop!!!" and you aren't referring to your alarm clock? And how is it that after i cut down things in my schedule that I'm just as busy? It must be a gift.

Last night at church we had the Disciple Awards- basically Kids Kingdom Oscar night. I'm quite happy with how the fellowship hall turned out. I stand by my philosophy- there is no such thing as too many christmas lights. Sophia was in charge of the menu and kicked butt as usual. The other teachers pitched in, and the best part was how happy the kids were to get their awards for things like "Most Courageous", "Best Scripture Memorization", and "The Good Samaritan Award". Nevermind that a fistfight briefly broke out. One little girl gave me a big ol' hug when I told her I was proud of her. I got two synchronized high fives from twins (despite our small numbers, we have three sets of twins. go figure). And Daylene loudly announced how much fun she had as she gathered her things at the end of the night. So what if the standards are high for next year? It gives them something to look forward to- and work for.

Now to finish that darn assistant directors training application! I have three essays to go, and I want them to be good. The writing is what will express my personality and hopefully convince them that my presence in an interview would be a beautiful thing.

Tonight is the season premiere of The Office. Happy.

This weekend I'm going to a gala benefit for an organization a friend is involved in. I'm quite excited to hang out with her, and this is a black-tie optional affair... I have never been to anything so fancy! So while I'm a little nervous about that, i'm mostly excited. Every now and then, even I look forward to dressing up and going out.

Ok, so i just received more writing projects here at work. So...... that means must step away from the blog.............

September 16, 2008

i will write you a song

15 minutes til freedom. My brain is fried. I have a list of things I want to do tonight..... Does anyone else try to live the meaningful parts of their lives in the few hours in the evening? Does anyone else think this is nuts??

P.S.- calling someone, insulting them, and then requesting information is not a good idea. Do you really expect good customer service after you harrass me for not picking up your call on the first ring? Please. You're lucky I don't transfer your rude self to the voicemail of a former employee.

Appreciated thing of the week: Blockbuster, for their lack of late fees. God bless you. Sorry I don't reward you by being more timely with my movies. But thank you for rocking.

I wish i had copies of old video projects from childhood. I did mention them in my assistant director training application. What i wouldn't give to laugh at "The Bare Witch Project", "Ghetto Medea", "The Night Before Christmas at Mamaw's House", our Rosie O'Donnell tribute, or even the news report that Heidi Hammontree and I put together.

I wrote a letter to a random member of the Air Force through It was kind of cool to do and I hope it helps. You guys should do it, too. Let me know how it goes. This week's project is about hunger. I'm thinking about how I want to approach it. I might do a creative project. Details to follow once I think it through some more.

I want to do "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at church this year. I need to pull more team members on board. It will be a big project with a large cast of mostly kids... and most of the young actors at my church are almost too old to play kids. We'll see... it might be interesting.

I get to leave here in five minutes. So i shall save this entry, close the blinds in the conference room, and tell my carpool buddy to be ready- because i'm ready to actually spend my time on something that matters.

September 08, 2008

you decide

Was my weekend fruitful? You decide:

The plans were to take a couple 13-year-old boy cousins to play laser tag on Saturday, then tag along with Sophia and her work friends to celebrate a birthday at the beach on Sunday. In between, I would finalize my Assistant Director's Trainee application.

None of those things happened.

However, this is what I DID accomplish:

-I finished my book on screenwriting and read through Ephesians.

-Spent quality time with the old school nintendo- specifically Super Mario Bros. (the first one). In my lifetime, I have never actually beat the game. This is appalling and I set out to remedy this immediately. Thanks to ill-timed Starbucks, I was up until two this morning. I got to the part in level 8-4 where you go down the pipe and go through the water. I'm not sure how close I am to the end. Perhaps tonight, when I return to battle Bowser again, we shall see. I hope to report back with good news of a rescued princess. Wow, I sound like a twelve-year-old boy.

- took my car through a car wash. Those of you who see me regularly know how pathetically amazing this is. Those of you who don't: imagine a car that needs a chisel to remove the dirt. Apparently, parking next to a sprinkler does not equal "free car wash".

- significant Target/Trader Joe's shopping. Spent a lot of money, but it was for a carefully planned list of necessities, and it was budgeted (two points i remind myself when the checkbook-balancing-guilt approaches)

- rented Penelope, Anchorman, and A Beautiful Mind. Didn't actually watch any of them yet. Instead, finally saw Knocked Up, and discovered that it is exactly what everyone says- sweetly funny, yet so very vulgar. Incredible how the two can coexist.

- skipped church, but slept a lot

- discovered the boy I used to like before distance cruelly reminded us about reality is now engaged. Pondered why I was so sad. Came to the conclusion that it was because I really did like him and had let myself imagine him living here and it working out (however unlikely) combined with the fact that I'm still so very alone (and current object of fancy just doesn't feel the same way). My sister pointed out how similar we are to Bridget Jones. Sigh. She's right. Pathetic.

-Recieved free samples of cat food, tampons, and two chicken soft tacos from Del Taco, as well as the book I ordered using my latest Blingo gift card. Yay for savings!! Forgot to secure the CVS flier from Cali Grandma's Sunday paper to start exploring the extra care savings. :( I wonder if you can get the flier in-store? Maybe I can convince Sophia to walk there tonight by bribing her with Jamba Juice?

- hung out with baby Beverly for a bit. Sophia's mom watched her while the rest of the family went to the beach.

So..... productive weekend? Lazy weekend? I'm not sure either.

Meanwhile, this week's project is to write a letter to a soldier. Tell them a little about yourself, then thank them for their sacrifice and service for our freedom. Check out for more details (it seems a bit confusing at first, but read the FAQ's and it becomes clear). Let me know if you send a letter, too! :)

September 02, 2008


I took the outgoing mail downstairs to the mailbox, a usual task in my day. Today, there was a small white post-it note on the big blue box. I wanted to take a picture but I did not have a camera handy. It said something along the lines of, "I dropped an envelope mailed to Wendy Ramos in the box, but neglected to put a stamp on it. Could you please be so kind as to add the stamp when you open the box? Thanks!" Attached was the required postage.

When I turned back to the elevators to go back to our floor, I noticed Larry the UPS delivery guy outside. He usually has a break at mail-time, and has a packed lunch at one of the small tables outsitde our building. Often, he has a book in hand and his UPS scanner lying on the table in front of him. Today, I stopped to ask what he was reading. "The Egyptologist", i believe was the name of the book. He said it was about a guy who conned a whole bunch of people out of a large sum of money to go raid the tomb of some unknown Egyptian pharoah.

On my way back to the elevators (again), I passed the girl who does security in the mornings at the front desk of our building. Only now she wasn't wearing her standard collared shirt and name tag. Her shift was over, so now she had on a black t-shirt with a skull on it and a plaid bookbag. She looked happier.

i put up some more pictures. Some of Jolie and my old-school nintendo i hooked up again this weekend. Some are pictures I took near the library (i revived my library card again this weekend! woohoo!). I was going to post them in here, but i'm kind of pressed for time. Sorry. But you should go look anyway. Some of them i'm proud of because they're pretty, haha.

September 01, 2008

sing like Madonna.... holidaaay!

Yay for long weekends!
Double-yay for long weekends with nothing going on!

We spent Saturday doing deep cleaning, and yesterday was supposed to be more of the same. Though I did something weird to screw up my back, and even yawning, sneezing, or the occasional deep breath was excruciating (still sort of is but i'm bored of sitting still). So onward I go! I have a to-do list that's long, but in a good way. It consists of things I've been meaning to accomplish (like bathing Jolie- check- and catching up on reading) and fun things (playing guitar, hooking up my old school nintendo). And it's beautiful out, so maybe i'll go for a walk or something. We're supposed to have a barbecue at Sophia's grandma's, but i've yet to hear those details.

Saturday when we were cleaning, I came across a rock on the shelf. Soph's mom, Rosalie, collects Betty Boop, and I'm staying in the room designated for her collection. But i could not figure out the purpose of this random rock about the size of a fist....Apparently, Rosalie's mother-in-law visited Ground Zero a few years back. She picked up the rock and gave it to Rosalie.... So all this time, I've been staying in a room with a piece of Ground Zero. Crazy, huh?

I half-heartedly looked at last week's "Every Monday Matters" so i'm just going to pick it up again today. We are waging a war on junk mail! It's a waste to print, and a waste when it's not recycled. So when you get it, recycle it! But better yet, try not to get it. Opt-out of mailings every chance you get. Go paperless when you have the option. Call the phone number on the junk mail you DO get to ask them to remove your name and address from their list.
I tried to look online for a simple way to opt out of stuff, but one site made you pay $3 a month (no thanks) and another seemed complicated. So i guess i'll try the one-item-at-a-time option and make sure to note "please don't sell/rent my name" whenever I sign up for anything. I'll start with the Oriental Trading catalog that always shows up!