December 30, 2008

makes up in quality what it lacks in originality


My friend, Brooke, wrote a groovy note on facebook about her year in review. I liked it. I'm gonna copy her style (imitation = flattery, no?).

January: Ah, new year optimism. I set a few goals (I won't rehash since it was discussed in a previous entry), and looked forward to 2008, the year I would move ahead from my job at Salem's front desk. In the spirit of bettering self, I began taking a sign language course at the community college (yay free education). I was also happily recording my weekend show on and assistant producing the occasional "From the Heart" segment on KKLA. Being productively busy was a-ok.

February: Still doing all of the above, which still include co-facilitating the Cans for Causes recycling effort at work and operating the video camera at church once a month. Saw Third Day at House of Blues on Sunset. Saw another Valentine's Day pass alone, but with hope in a crush. However, the highlight of the day was the parade the church kids did honoring loving one another. Still working at the front desk.

March: Happy Birthday me! In honor of the day, co-worker friends made me their "special project" and i got a makeover. It was fun. :) Then my friends and I celebrated my 25th year in Hollywood seeing Wicked!! Happy happy happy. This month I was also in the thick of rehearsal for the church Easter play, starring a mostly youth cast. I continued juggling all of the above and starting to feel the craziness, but the adrenaline was still carrying me through the hectic schedule. Discovered a love for basketball during March Madness, and almost got to see a Clippers game- until Sophia's grandpa started getting really sick. We spent the evening at the hospital instead. Still working at the front desk.

April: The adrenaline is starting to wear thin, but at least sign class and the play are successfully over. Pushing forward in a non-eventful month of just keeping up with it all... From the Heart, Cans for Causes, Kids Kingdom, JJ Radio, camera operating, and work fill my time. I realize that an empty calendar just means i'm too busy to write in it. Start playing tennis with the girls at work. Still at the front desk.

May: In attempt to maintain sanity, I begin to cut down on activities. JJ Radio gets the axe. After fulfilling the month's commitment, so does church camera work. However, more time is spent at work learning how to produce commercials and working overtime (seems i don't quite get the point about time management). Despite extra effort, still at the front desk.

June: Loving tennis, producing more, hanging out with crush (though hope will soon die, haha). Life is busy but not so bad. Participate in adopt-a-block in the projects with the Dream Center and have perspective about the inner city forever changed. Still working at front desk....

July: Birthday Luau for Sophia's mom and stepdad! Wildest party, and somehow getting rained out made it better! We spent Independence Day in the mountains with friends, and saw Wicked a second time. I gave blood for the first time in years- and survived. Our company began a wellness program that has since resulted in over $50 of Target cards for me (and more rewards due in coming months). From the Heart is cancelled, and the busyness falls to a dull roar (though I'm still at the front desk....).

August: i think this was the month we had a bunch of layoffs at work. Of course, that's not something you really write on a calendar. Once that happened, the whole climate at work changed and things quit being fun and started being stressful. On a happier note, this month i dogsat for a coworker friend and Soph and I participated in the Redondo Pier chalk contest for the third year (no trophies this time, but still fun!). Also visited Camp Joy for homeless kids- yet another life-changer. And, of course, still working the front desk....

September: Just lots of work- only less of the fun stuff like writing commercials and producing. Instead of working out of the front desk, I found myself buried under it. The coworker in my department left, so there was even more to do.... i kept the sanity by focusing on Kids Kingdom, including our awards ceremony. A friend invited me to an incredibly fancy gala in downtown L.A. for the organization she works for. Amazing!

October: One Sunday, I visited the Huntington Library. A couple Friday's later, I went to dinner with friends. The next Monday was Sophia's birthday. Other than that, lots of work at- you guessed it- the front desk.

November: Though declared NOvember in hopes of cutting down on the insanity, i hopelessly failed the project. The exception being the first week of the month, spent on vacation in San Diego! Way awesome! Also saw Twilight (after spending way too much time in previous months reading the series), and turned in an application for the Director's Guild Assistant Directors' Training Program- and still praying like mad I get in. Started to pull together the church Christmas play, and went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving for the first time ever. Still lots of work, but hope was renewed when I was promoted to an assistant position... only at the front  desk part time!

December: Oh, the joys of the holiday season. Though I squished stress by finishing shopping and gift wrapping early- and creating a good amount of homemade gift projects- the pitfalls of organizing part of a Christmas program made up for the anxiety. An amazing night at Disneyland maintained the magic, and enough Christmas blessings- many non-material and people-centered, brought something sacred back to the holiday. The end of the month finds me battling a wicked cold and, for the moment, juggling both my new assistant position in administration and the front desk that I thought for sure would be history by now.

Thanks to Claudia, who's gift of The Office calendar last year provided the record-keeping notes that helped me keep this straight. Although for perfect accuracy... see previous blogs. :-D

Coming tomorrow.... the non-resolutions, the goals and guidelines for 2009!

December 28, 2008

spiff and kelley's hella long survey


It's Sunday night, and I've been in bed for almost two days straight. I feel like writing, but lack inspiration. Apparently, my pillow is not much of a muse. Neither is Jolie, who is content to sleep at my feet.

Do this because the person who did this didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Single or Taken:

Happy about that:
slightly depressed, if you must know

Becca in Seattle, Claudia in Ohio

Eye color:
polluted pacific blue-grey


What are you wearing right now?
Burgundy yoga pants and Sophia's Jaci Velasquez t-shirt that I stole after pouring water all over myself in a nyquil-induced stupor Friday night. It was the closest dry article of clothing. Until just now when i sneezed. Sick = gross and i'm done being it.

Can you make a dollar in change right now:
It's cute how you think i actually have cash

Best place to go for a date:
It's who you're with that matters, but personally, my heart is easily won near the ocean

don't care.

turtle, cow, butterfly, giraffe, monkey, dolphin, whale, starfish, dog, elephant, cat, horse, you get the picture? ;)

Drink(non alcoholic):

i miss playing tennis. The habit died when the weather got cold, it got dark sooner, and holiday busyness ruled. Perhaps that shall be revived soonly

December, March, anything warm and sunny


Favorite cartoon character:
Depends on my mood. Today, i'll pick the Smurfs and the Simpsons.

Have You Ever...
Given anyone a bath:
yup. yay for years and years of baby-sitting

Bungee Jumped?:
the kind where you swing/fly instead of bounce. Way more fun than whiplash.

Made yourself throw-up?
tried. Apparently physically incapable.

Eaten a dog?
Only hot dog, and not even that anymore.

loved someone so much it made you cry?
That's complicated.

Broken a bone?
Fractured my right hand just below the pinky when a fat kid ran into me at the Fulton County Fair.

Played truth or dare?

Been on a plane?

Came close to dying?
Actually, i was just thinking that I've been closer than I realize, and that it's only by the grace of God that i've not been in a major traffic accident as close as I've been so many times.

Been in a sauna?
briefly... not my thing. i like to breathe, thanks

Been in a hotub?
yup.. when we were little my parents' friends had one. We'd be outdoors in the snow in the hot tub. No wonder we were sick half the winter. More recently, at the hotel in San Diego.

Swam in the ocean?
my favorite place to swim. If it weren't so cold and i weren't so sick, that's totally what i am in the mood to do right now

Fallen asleep in school?
All the time. Usually thanks to a combo of tylenol and cough syrup that battled my annual cold. I have the chemistry notes to show each time I nodded off, and each time Heidi Hammontree woke me up.

Ran away?
dreamt about it, until i was old enough and mature enough that it was no longer "running" but "relocating" instead

Broken someone's heart?

Cried when someone died?

Cried in school?
When i was younger, until I learned that crying in public never ended well. Then i quit crying in front of any people ever.

Fell off your chair?
What HAVEN"T i fallen from?

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?
not that i can recall

Saved AIM conversations?
only by default, and i usually change that setting if i think of it.

Saved e-mails?
I only delete spam or forwards. Any actual email is saved eternally... or until my email address changes

Made out with JUST a friend?
yay college....

Used someone?
not on purpose

Been cheated on?
Not technically, but it cut pretty dang close to technically.

Your good luck charm?
luck schmuck

New fav. song?
"Winter Wonderland" by Jason Mraz

What is beside you?
stuffed cow, pillow, box of kleenex, cell phone hosting text convo with Claudia, and half-finished glass of orange juice

Last thing you ate?
bowl of lucky charms, peanut granola bar for protein, aforementioned OJ

What kind of shampoo do you use?
Sunsilk Blonde Ambition (or whatever cutesy name they call it now), and alternate days herbal essences body envy (or whatever cutesy name THEY call it now)
Ever Had..
Chicken pox:
Sore Throat:
now, even
strangely, not once in my klutzy existence. Though there are times I should've, but never sought treatment
Broken nose:
Do You...
Believe in love at first sight?
yes, then again, I believe in a couple things i've never seen
Long distant relationships?
they are doomed. Someone's gotta move, or just don't even try
Like school?
it had it's good points. however, i'm mostly glad it's over
Who was the last person that called you?
Bethany. I still need to call her back

Who was the last person you slow danced with?
the better question is when is the last time i slow danced?

Who makes you smile the most?

Who knows you the best?
only the Lord. i am an enigma. HA
Do you like filling these out:
It passes time

Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?:
contacts during the day, glasses at night.

Do you like yourself:
more than i used to

Do you get along with your family?
much better now 2,000 miles away
Are You...
Obsessive Compulsive?
Of all the things I am, OCD is not one of them

Not anymore, thank the Lord
MORE Questions:
What did you do yesterday?
slept, sneezed, watched tv, slept, ventured to walmart, got dizzy, took medicine, slept, sneezed, blew my nose, the end

Have you ever hated someone in your family?
Never hate

Gotten any awards lately?
The Shining Star at work two quarters ago

Where do you want to get married?
It's not so much the where as when

Good driver?
Sometimes i think I am, other times i wonder who I'm kidding and there must be an army of angels surrounding my vehicle

Good Singer?
i specialize in car solos. And while i don't think i'm spectacular, i do kind of miss performing

Have a lava lamp?
Used to. Might still. I'm starting to forget what i have in storage. Makes a good case for simple living, no?

How many remote controls are in your house?
There are three functional tv's with a couple remotes each. I don't care to count beyond that.

What was your weirdest dream about?
Jurassic Park themed dreams are but a small portion of the craziness that is my sleeping brain.

Scary or Funny Movies?
Funny. Once a blue moon I want creepy. As in, once every couple of years. And creepy is specific to paranormal, maaaaybe aliens. Suspense-filled escapes from serial killers and anything filled with blood is never on the list.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Rootbeer or Dr.

Skiing or Snow Boarding?
i am dying to learn to snowboard

Summer or winter?

Silver or Gold?

Diamond or pearl?
i can't be picky ;)

Sprite or 7up?
neither. who wants sugar and chemicals in a can?

Coffee or sweet tea?

Phone or in person?
depends on who... hehe

Are you oldest, middle or youngest?
Today did you...
1.Talk to someone you liked:
I like Soph and her family....

2.Buy something:

3. Get sick?
Stayed sick.

4 Talked to an ex?
not in a long time

5. Miss someone?
How can you hear a voicemail with NKOTB and NOT miss someone??

Last person who....
10. Slept in your bed?
me. Jolie. And Sophia on Friday because i fell asleep in HER bed and would not be shaken from my nyquil-induced unconsciousness

11. Saw/heard you cry?
Don't remember

12. Made you cry?
Don't remember

13. Went to the movies with?
Danielle, Monique, Shelly, Patty, Chris, and Tim. Yay adults at Twilight opening night! haha!

14. Ever been in a fight with your pet?
With battle scars to prove it

15. Been to Mexico?
Been about as close as a person can be without crossing the border. However, until luxuries are back in the budget, i have not a passport

16.Been to Canada?
Seen Niagara Falls and waved to the Canadians (you could tell they were from Canada because their ponchos were a different color), but still stayed in America.

17. Been to Europe?
One day. I've been offered lodging in Germany, and that would be rad!

21. Do you have a crush on someone right now:
not anymore

22. What book are you reading now?
"This I Believe II" by Jay Allison- an NPR project about individual beliefs

23. Best feeling in the world?
any answer is going to sound cliche and gushy. Right now, my nose not burning from too many kleenex, and lungs able to get full capacity oxygen would be lovely

24. Future KIDS names?
you'll have to wait and find out, now won't you?

25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
The cow i've had since high school. And Jolie tends to eat right before coming to bed

26. What's under your bed?
Storage boxes of clothes, art supplies, cat supplies, and cleaning supplies

27. Favorite sports to watch?
I discovered during March Madness last year that i actually like watching basketball. Sadly though, no matter how many times I watch football, i still don't get it.....

28. Favorite Locations?
the ocean, the woods, mamaw and grandma's house, but old school, not like now

29. Piercing/Tattoos?
just my ears. my dislike of needles trumps my love of rebellion
30. What are you most scared of right now?
gaining more weight

31. Who do you really hate?

32. Do you have a job?
do i ever. it scares me what a large portion of my life it is

33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
um, yes.

34. What are you listening to right NOW?
tv in other rooms. my wheezing in this one.

35. What is the most random object in the room you're in?
Cement chunk from the Twin Towers

36. Worst favorite color?
What i think is the worst color is obviously not my favorite, but if it's someone else's favorite, then it's not the worst to them. So really the color opinion is all subjective, and as any observant person knows, the appeal of any given color depends on its context. So this question is actually quite pointless and a waste of time on a survey so long there is no way that any person has actually read all the way through to this point.

37. Read any memorable quotes lately?
Just reminded of some Martin Luther King Jr quotes I had forgotten about

38. Song that's stuck in your head right now?
Cosby Show theme

39. Have you ever played strip poker?
Nope. I don't really like normal poker

40. Have you ever gotten beat up?
All my anger-induced injuries happened one at a time, so i'm not sure it counts as being beat up

42. Have you ever been on radio/TV?
I used to have my own internet radio hosting gig, now they just use me occasionally on the stations i work for. I haven't been on tv- yet :) Oh wait! I sort of had! When i interned at Smallville i did a very very brief ADR thing. So my voice was on an episode for a whole five words, lol

43. Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit"?
At a Christian rock festival. Which means it was so tame it was almost like a group hug

44. Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you?

what color is your underwear right now?
blue with snowflakes

Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex?
eyes, kindness

Your Favorite Food?
fruit, chocolate, pizza, soul food

Ever get so drunk you dont remember the night before?

Hair color?
Dark blonde, needs updated highlights

Are you too shy to ask someone out?

occasionally on target, usually horrid

Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?

Dogs or cats?

Favorite Flower?
Daisies, wildflowers, tropical flowers, really, anything....

Have you ever fired a gun?
Yep. But it goes back to that aim thing, and so, for the safety of all americans, i don't do it often

Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car?
where am I going?

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Who are you missing right now?

December 26, 2008

present and accounted for

Unlike 90% of friends, family, acquaintances, and even co-workers, I do not have the day off. This is not tragic, since it's a low-key day, but it falls more in the category of annoyances. The annoyance factor is raised due to the fact that I appear to be getting sick.

While doctors, scientists, and educated people will argue that cold weather does not induce sickness (rather, germs are the culprit), I do present the evidence that I become ill EVERYTIME the thermometer reads anything under 50-degrees. The sick process is accelerated if there is rain/snow/sleet/hail/precipitation of any kind. And if the doctors/scientists/educated folks could explain why even non-drowsy medication knocks me out, that'd be cool, too.

So Christmas was good. Christmas Eve meant the usual celebrating at Sophia's aunts house with tamales for dinner and starting gift-opening at 10p. Again, I have been very very blessed in the present area. :) And since we got home after 1a, yesterday was spent sleeping, watching "Across the Universe" (thanks, Danielle!), and playing Guitar Hero.

Though I do not miss the annual family drama, it was still sort of sad to see pics of my family after they opened gifts, and only talk to extended family members and hearing the craziness in the background. If i could arrange a two-day/one-night trip, I think that would be fantastic- despite the fact i'd spend more time traveling than actually being there.

I've run out of blogging steam, though I'm not sure I've run out of things to say.

December 22, 2008

i see the Christmas light at the end of the tunnel

The Kids Kingdom Savior's Workshop is done! Though low in attendance and high in cold rain, it was pretty successful (despite the repeated kitchen power failure). The kids played games, created ornaments as gifts for loved ones and nursing home residents, and learned about the meaning of Christmas from the youth group. Success.

Beverly's first birthday was celebrated! And while play rehearsal and preparation kept me from contributing to the party much, I was still able to help with games for the kids. Beverly quietly enjoyed her snowman cupcake in the middle of her winter one-derland theme, and even offered some to Soph and I. ;)

The Christmas program is complete! By the grace of God and the skin of teeth, it was something of a success. Yes, there were glitches- but no disasters. So win-win-win. And the best part? Everyone had fun, the congregation seemed happy, and it's OVER. Done. No more dragging actors to rehearsals, no more last-minute changes, no more big project looming overhead admist other large holiday projects.

Holiday baking is * almost * done! I finished cookies, brownies, and buckeyes late last night/early this morning. I tasted some today.... kind of sad to have given them to co-workers... hehe... They weren't the best, but they were made with love!! Too bad love doesn't seem to be as tasty as they could've been. Oh- and I say "almost" done because Soph's family is making tamales tonight, and I'm supposed to help.

Candlelight service tomorrow night, Christmas Eve with Sophia's family Wednesday, and then I think I will spend Thursday- my only day off besides New Year's Day- sleeping in and doing very little!

Dear Santa, please fill my stocking with time and sleep. That would be amazing.

December 17, 2008

Is it tomorrow yet?

I need a new blog layout, but can't seem to make it work. Blogger experts with free time, wanna help?

So caffeine is my enemy and my friend. While it enables productivity, it throws off my sleep schedule, leaves me with headaches, and causes me to lose a point in our wellness program at work. As you see, the "cons" outweigh the "pros". And yet.... this evening's entry is brought to you by Mountain Dew.

That's write, it's nearly two in the morning. I just finished signing Christmas cards for the kids in our class at church. Before that, I wrapped the last of my gifts (well, minus a pending item that should be arriving in the mail soonly, and Soph's stocking stuffers because we don't know where our stockings are). I also went shopping this evening for baking supplies for Thursday night's treat extravaganza that shall result in goodies for my coworkers.

i have been eating so much sugar lately, all in the name of the holidays. January is the traditional time to get back on track, and I seriously wish I had a personal trainer and nutritionist, haha. I have come to the realization that there are four things keeping me from healthier habits. They are as follows:

1. I love sugar. Love it. Possibly addicted. I am not proud of my sweet tooth, but I do believe genetics and the encouragement of dessert-love throughout childhood have doomed me for life.

2. I have horrible coping methods, including emotional eating. Somehow, my inner self has equated a cookie with love.

3. I am a terrible cook. Seriously, terrible. Legendarily so, and you can ask family and close friends for examples of my kitchen disasters. They can provide many. As a result, my self-prepared food tends to be simple, or of the preservative-filled frozen or canned variety. In extreme situations when I find the motivation to try cooking one more time, it typically results in a non-edible mess. This leads to a demonstration of #2 (emotional eating out of frustration) as well as #1 (seeking the affirmation of the cookie).

4. My life is a whirlwind. And even simple food preparation is time-consuming. However, most quick food is also unhealthy. Hence why I end up with pop-tarts for breakfast even though I don't really like them. Grab-and-go wins out over taste and nutrition, and that annoys me.

Why the hell am I blogging at two am??? I have to figure out how to upload and edit from a dvd and go over light cues and blocking.... and be up and running in four hours for a very very long day of work and church Christmas busyness.

Next year, can I take a sabbatical to celebrate the birth of our Lord?

December 11, 2008


Sometimes when I'm driving, I use the street signs to create the premise for a script.

First I name the protaganist with the first two streets I cross once I've decided to play. Today, I crossed Isabel, then Jackson.

Then the protaganist needs a station in life- occupation, situation, etc. I saw a sign for an open house on Louise when I was at the intersection of Kenwood... so I played with that and decided that Isabel was an in-home caregiver for Louise Kenwood.

I can use as many street signs for clues until my imagination takes off. Longer trips create more detailed stories. Today was quicker, so I decided that my script would be called "Lessons from Louise". Louise is middle-aged and developmentally disabled and showing Isabel the simple truths of truly living life, including encouraging her to fall in love with whatever guy I would've invented had the trip been longer. This would be in conflict with Isabel's contentment/complacency with the simple life she is living. The script, of course, would become some Hallmark or Lifetime movie of the week.

Haha, so it's sort of dorky, but if I'm going to be filling my days with office work, I've got to throw in creative writing exercises somewhere. It makes still feel like some sort of writer.

Just thought i'd share.

December 10, 2008

stealth Disney

Two random things that have happened this week:

After church and Christmas program rehearsal on Sunday, I drove home under the cool, cloudy skies. My thoughts were on the things that needed done and the way rehearsal went. I noticed a couple cars pulled over to the side of the freeway with hazard lights blinking. I assumed they had a fender-bender and kept driving. Then I saw another pulled-over car, then another, and another... How many cars could've been involved? Then I realized the freeway was lined with cars pulled over....

I looked to the other side of the freeway to find the same thing. People were getting out of their cars and looking to the sky. Cell phones were out for talking and photo taking. But I still did not see what they were seeing.

This started to make me nervous, as the scene resembled a suspense thriller where the monster begins a path of destruction, the spaceship breaks through the clouds, or the natural disaster blows in. Since this particular stretch of freeway gives a pretty good view of downtown L.A., i found myself imagining terrorist attacks. So i did what any sensible human being would do at that moment- i pulled the heck over.

My logic was I needed to make sure there was no danger, then I could continue home. Once I was stopped and my blinkers were on, I tried to figure out what was happening. I couldn't get out of the car, as other motorists were still passing with full speed. So I followed the gazes of others nearby.

I saw it coming toward us, flying low over the dam and rock quarry. The shape seemed odd at first, but once it got a bit closer, I recognized it at once- stealth bomber.

I laughed and said outloud, "THAT'S what y'all are looking at??" But I do have to admit that this has been one of my favorite planes since I was a kid. It's black bat shape is pretty other-worldly. But a mass pulling-over off a major freeway? That seemed a bit much. Then again, maybe I was just jaded growing up so close to Wright Patt Air Force Base....

I called my sister to process the whole thing, and to find a balance between the pumping adrenaline caused from not knowing what major event was about to happen and the silliness i felt over that event being quite minor. Thankfully, she said she would've done the same thing. ;)
Later that evening, I discovered the flyover was in honor of the funeral of a former Secretary of the Air Force.

This local blogger has some great video: . At about :54 you'll see pretty much my exact view.

Last night my awesome friend Leah treated me to her employee Disneyland party. Seriously, it is worth the exhaustion i feel today from schlepping around the park until past midnight.
In a mere four hours, we rode Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, AstroBlasters, and Thunder Mountain Railroad. Also included in that time span were a Christmas parade, fake snow, brief shopping, and eating a Mickey pretzel with cheese while waiting for the tram. The lights were beautiful- especially the castle. They had great music going, and even supplied candy canes when you walked into the park. Disneyland is notorious for making you feel like a kid again, but they really achieved that kid-at-Christmas magic. Cheesy as it sounds... totally true.

Leah and I now suspect that God is a Disneyland fan (haha, or maybe a fan of His kids?), as we randomly got to the front of pretty much every line- either by a fast track line being opened up right in front of us, or just happening to be near Space Mountain right when it was reopened (yes, we walked right into Space Mountain with NO WAIT).

Best. Night. Ever.

December 03, 2008


7:30a- Woke up later than normal, knowing I would be taking my car to the shop instead of going to work. Started my day with a short devotional and an episode of Roseanne (it's what Soph had on).

9a- Took car to mechanic, thinking this was when they opened (wrong, but good to know for future reference they open at 8am). Was delayed trying to explain the basics of Microsoft Outlook to new coworker over the phone.

9:20a- Leave car and walk to K-Mart, as this is the closest place I could go sit and wait (my mechanic doesn't have a lobby, and no one had made the lawn chairs accessible yet). Try to fight how-will-i-afford-car-repair-and-remaining-Christmas-shopping-and-postage anxiety. Sit in snack bar, plan tonight's Kids Kingdom lesson, journal, and organize life (including plan B on remaining Christmas gifts, utilizing Kohl's card and gift cards given away during last week's Black Friday deals).

10:30a- Enough of K-Mart, decide to take walk. Pass a few homeless folks, moms with babies in strollers, and one hot guy who unfortunately had non-attractive cigarette hanging from lips. Chat on phone with Soph's mom and Lara, see house that looked like a barn (in a cute, cozy way), and random Jesus fish carved into sidewalk cement.

11:30a- Back at auto shop, learn that part of my car's problem is with evap system, but this means nothing to me in my car-stupidity. Answer a couple more calls from same co-worker, update boss on status, settle into now-available lawn chair with book.

12:40p- losing focus on book, ask for car update. Learn they are trying to figure out what hose is the problem, am advised to go somewhere for lunch.

12:47p- Arrive at Subway by foot, order kids meal and try to eat it slowly. Nearly finish book, chat with Sophia. Pray and remind self that God will supply all my needs and knows my budget, and sufficient for the day is its own trouble (is it ever).

1:30p- Too cold in Subway, start walking back to auto shop. Notice another Jesus fish randomly in sidewalk cement.

2:20p- Briefing from mechanic. Problem is small but involved. Will cost more than I have at the moment, but does not cause my car to be unsafe to drive. Advised that waiting until after the holidays for repairs will be perfectly fine. Car would not pass smog test, but smog test was just done a few months ago and won't be necessary for years. Happily pay for today's labor and diagnostic, wish mechanic-who-i-love Merry-Christmas-see-you-in-January for repairs, call boss with hopes that it won't be necessary for me to report to work.

2:30p- Arrive home, happy to be free from work for the day. Make bed, clean litter box, engage in random productivity, including making candles for Christmas gifts.

5:45p- blog.