October 27, 2008


This is just a fly-by entry, because it's Monday morning at work and you KNOW there's a zillion things to do. But a few important notes:

Thanks to all who gave input about my Guitar Hero dilemma. Due to overwhelming response, I am keeping the game. It is happy.

Of course, once a person makes a purchase like that (and opens an electronic item, therefore branding it unable-to-be-returned), something goes wrong. In this case, it's the crashing laptop. I know the $50 I spend on Guitar Hero wouldn't even begin to cover it, but I can't help but fight the panic over the files I can no longer access. Files I use for my JOB, for the CHRISTMAS PLAY, and the amazing resource that is the internet that I need for half of what I do. Seeking solution.....

Meanwhile, today starts a week where my department is short-staffed and I must also prepare for next week's absence. So please, listeners who feel the need to call me about the "Obama lawsuit" or asking our manager to help you fight city council.... can it please wait? (and for the record, did you ever consider that the Democratic party would not waste their time, money, and resources on a candidate that was not eligible for the presidency? And i'm sorry you're having trouble with the city, but you should contact an attorney, not a radio station).

This weekend, I just crashed like my computer. Deer-in-the-headlights reaction to a full plate. I woke up with a pounding heart and stomach in knots- text book anxiety. On Saturday, I took two naps and watched a lot of tv to distract me- to no avail. On Sunday, I tried to cram two days worth of activity into one. Not smart. It's no wonder i'm still queasy.... then again, if I quit eating poptarts for breakfast, that might help. Does anyone know how to make eggs in 30 seconds to go?

October 22, 2008

nothings gonna change my world

I sat in Sophia's black round moon chair last night in front of her cd player. I just got my "Across the Universe" cd from Claudia's fundraiser, and didn't want to wait until I was in the car this morning to hear it. Then I thought, wow. I'm actually just SITTING here, listening to music. Not multi-tasking. It was crazy. I don't think I've done that- just LISTEN- for years. Sure, i felt like I was fifteen.. but in a good way.

I've only seen about thirty minutes of "Across the Universe", but I liked it. I want to rent it when funds allow. Until then, yay for the soundtrack. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they remade Beatles' songs. Typically, I am cynical of anyone who tries to remake classics.

In the news-of-mal.... my job duties are going to be changing soon. Just way less phone and a lot more tasks. But that's good. There is a bit of a challenge in my fast approaching vacation time ( 11 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes from this moment!), but i hesitate to say more since it hasn't been made public at work. Not that many work people read this, but posting things on the world wide web just seems slightly risky. But there is a lot to do in the next 11 days.

On the flip side, only 11 days, 15 hours, and 39 minutes until my week of freedom in San Diego! I dream of kayaking. And reading by the pool. God bless Southern California weather, that I can do these things in November. I love you, climate.

October 14, 2008

urban jungle

"I am a panther in a jungle of hope," says one of the many quotes painted on the wall above the tennis courts in the park. Child-like drawings illustrate words that sound like variations on a Mother Theresa theme. You've seen the pictures, it's a quiet, sweet little park.

Most days, anyway. Yesterday I smelled smoke, and thought, "I play tennis while neighborhoods burn." I started to feel a bit guilty. Then realized there's not a lot I can do. Then both Danielle (across the court) and I realized that we were smelling weed.

This of course, can overshadow the images of bridges, trees, and friendly butterflies, and instead remind us of the day we found broken glass on one side of the net. The chopper overhead was a bit louder- today it could be headed to fight the fires or provide news coverage. Other days? I think there was a standoff once, another time, traffic accident, or who knows what else. There's usually a helicopter. And the painted-over graffiti under my feet was a little harder to ignore.

Though it's hardly as if we play in downtown L.A. or anything. But it just dampens my little naturistic retreat that i so desperately wanted. And after yet another day of corporate frustration, I needed to take out my aggression with a racquet while surrounded by peaceful leaves, a cool breeze, and the awesome fact that the courts are nestled down into the park, so you can barely even SEE the street above.

Who deserves such luxury while not-so-distant neighborhoods burn? Then again, don't we always live our lives carefree while neighbors distant and nearby suffer? This afternoon is no different.

As I steered my car out of the parking lot, a sign in my rearview mirror reminded me that this is a Drug-Free Zone.

October 10, 2008

casino night

i suppose I should update, eh?

I have been avoiding my blog purely because I don't have anything to say besides the usual oh-i'm-so-busy-and-feel-like-my-job's-a-hamster-wheel kind of thing. And frankly, who wants to hear a girl blessed with a job and good friends-like-family whine over slight imperfections?
But then again, I don't like to feel out of the loop when you guys don't keep your blogs up, so i decided to at least post something.

In twenty minutes I am off work! And the building management people are hosting casino night for tenants so i'm going to hang out down there with my work buddies Danielle and Monique.

I have a mysterious rash. Gross, huh? I finally broke down and went to the doctor, who also doesn't know what it is, but gave me prescription stuff that will hopefully help. This is a new doctor, whose office is around the corner from work. Everyone- staff and patients- was speaking Russian or Armenian or something, unless they were talking directly to me- the lone English-only speaker. One patient had his dog in the waiting room. Everyone was nice, though, and I liked it. I didn't even mind being out of the language loop. The physician's assistant's eyes about bugged out of her head when she did my history and i told her I was a virgin. I was amused. It almost distracted me from feeling like a leper.

Other than that... same ol' routine that drives me nuts. I miss the ocean. The end.