March 23, 2010

if you want me to(o)

By the time I sit down with my laptop, my eyes and my brain have glazed over in a haze. This is inconvenient, because there are usually things that still need done… balancing a check book, applying for a job, finding a decent word for a scrabble game…..

But the days are full and take a lot of energy. In the midst of the up-early-for-school-then-work-and-lots-of-driving, the Easter show is rapidly approaching, homework requires attention, and the various details of moving preparation beg to be completed.

Yup, that’s right… moving. Kelly (new roommate) and I started visiting apartments on Friday, March 12th. On our way into the office of the first place, we realized that we forgot to pray! We decided that we would do that as soon as we returned to the car. In the meantime, we scoped out the exterior of the complex (which was a little bit “eh” but hey, we’re girls on a budget). Our decision was made immediately when we learned their no-pet policy would not work out so well for Kelly’s dog….

After seeking the Lord’s guidance, we fell in love with place #2 near the harbor in San Pedro. The set-up was great, it met all of our needs, and the neighborhood was groovy. Though we tried not to get our hopes up, our prayers became, “please please please please God let us live here!!”

We drove to the third apartment complex with little time before I had to leave for work. We prayed that we would be in and out,    and quickly know if this was a place we should pursue. At the office (that smelled of old lady and cigarettes), we found that the vacant apartment had already been rented. Prayer answered….

Less than 24 hours later, we were approved for the apartment in San Pedro that we love. There was lots of happy squealing and excitement. In fact, there still tends to be happy squealing and excitement…. :) I’m going to live near the ocean… i will be happily squealing on the inside for awhile, I think. When i’m not sighing contently, that is.

So now it’s time to pack and work out all the details of moving…. while still keeping up with homework! Screenplay class is pretty low maintenance, though I have a test tomorrow that requires additional studying….. And the bulk of my drawing projects are done in class- only part of each drawing is done at home. Here are the latest projects in various stages of completion:


drawing teapotdrawing flowerdrawing skull

Sorry so dark… cell phone shots. You know how it goes…..

And the show…. I am loving the latest Masquer show, “Risen”. It’s an original piece, performance art based on music. My character is just deeply in love with Jesus. In fact, it sometimes feels like cheating to call it acting, as it is so close to myself. But there are also some healthy challenges, like relating to a piece of cloth and handling a couple of solos. So PLEASE come see it, because I am so excited to show you what we’ve been working on (that’s right, so excited that i allowed that preposition to remain at the end of the sentence).

So while some details of current life are unfinished, i am doing all i can to trust God for each day. My impatient self wants everything to be perfect right at this instant, but a wise Father reminds me that big change would be too overwhelming to happen overnight. So moving in will happen gradually between getting the keys April 1st and after the show closes (the week of the 12th). That the rest of the financial details- like a second job- will happen, but I have enough to keep me going for awhile (and longer, if i make sacrifices).

Dinner time…. more will come… and believe me, at this rate, i have a feeling there will be a lot more to come. :)

March 10, 2010

no boys allowed

Girl talk. Consider yourself warned.

Kimya Dawson writes monthly flowetry. Apparently, I just write period parodies. My excess time in the car combined with my irritating discomfort led to this gem:

(To the tune of “God Bless America”)

I hate my uterus
and o-va-ries
They defy me
You’ll find me
Crying out, deep in pain, on my knees
From the bleeding
to the cramping
to the bloating
no more, please!
I hate my uterus
and o-va-ries!

While humming this little ditty to myself on my drive to work, I witnessed some dude run a red light. So, to the same tune, I started singing,

Please don’t run red lights
It’s dan-ger-ous
Though you don’t care
You’ll die there
When you’re hit by an oncoming bus…..

At this point, I suspected I was out of control and stopped whilst I was still ahead. Perhaps this is not what our founding fathers had in mind for the patriotic anthem?