March 24, 2009

schedule beyond sanity

As the play nears production, I have reviewed my calendar. It's insane. Throw in long days at work, combined with routine tennis and church, and the incidental lunches-to-keep-people-i-love-in-touch, baby-sitting job, or garage sale.... and it's breath-taking.

However, I have a few minutes to kill at the moment. I'd like to use this rare moment to complete a survey. And it's only fair to say i stole it from

1. What newspapers do you read?
I skim USA Today when delivering it to the studio in the morning, and I get CNN headline feed on my homepage. Sometimes the Drudge Report. I know two of those aren't newspapers, but internet news is more up-to-date without killing trees.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading? I don't.

3. Which Web sites are on your favorites bookmark? i only use my favorites for sites i don't visit often enough to remember, such as as the charity click-to-support (and good to shop through) sites and freebie sites- and my yahoo NCAA brackets. Go Memphis!

4. Where do you get your car washed?On the 210 freeway when it's raining... occasionally the drive-thru gas station car wash, or the put-in-quarters-and-quick!-wash-your-car! place.

5. Do you know your dentist's first name? I used to. I've only been to this one once. And I keep having to reschedule. Oh, and there's a group of them so I don't know who I'm going to get, haha.

6. Do you believe newspapers are going to die? If so, when?I think they'll evolve, for the reasons mentioned in the first question.

7. What was the last book you read? I'm in the middle of the entire Chronicles of Narnia, and it is awesome still.

8. What's the last book you say you read?I don't mind telling the truth, I have nothing to hide!!

9. If you got a unicorn what would you name it? Lasaraleen of it's a girl-icorn and October if it's a boy-icorn

10. What does your TiVo think about you? My TiVo doesn't exist, so does it have power of thought? Ponder THAT philosophers!

11. Character of fiction you most resemble? Stargirl Caraway

12. Who plays you in your bio-pic? some unknown chubby actress

13. Do you floss? Not as often as I should. I use Crest Pro Health though.

14. Did you ever believe your toys come alive when you leave the room? Did I? I don't think so.... Do you still? I still have residual dislike for robots/animatronics/anything that acts "alive when it clearly isn't. This is based on childhood fear.

15. How many old cell phones do you own? I just have my current phone. And I would appreciate it not dying as it is threatening.... my upgrade isn't for awhile

16. Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter. Chuck Norris. I'm totally not kidding.

17. Do you get satellite radio? Nope

18. And as a follow do you "get" satellite radio?Yes, but eh, I don't want to pay for my radio. I think it dilutes the community aspect of the medium.

19. Do you read the Enquirer/InTouch/US/people? Only if it's laying around while I'm waiting for something and there are no other choices. It's a waste of time and is a catalyst for a bundle of society's problems. I hate TMZ, for the record.

20. Do you lie about it? HA. What do you think?

An addition not for my myspace blog:

This week, I discovered a cache of floppy disks in storage. They contained things from high school and when I was at KWC. This includes my open diary from junior year! I couldn't believe it. I haven't gone through it all, but I am happy to say I'm not as completely lame as I expected. Though I can't believe how low in depression I was... I sincerely am surprised I made it past that stage. It reminded me the part of "A Horse and His Boy" where Shasta is running through the forest with Aslan. He doesn't realize how close to the edge he is, until he revisits the path later. Had he known, he would've freaked out, and he was glad that Aslan stayed between him and the steep drop to death. I'm glad, too.

March 20, 2009


Upside of mandatory vacation? I'm not at work today. So thank you, Salem, for allowing me to ditch your stress in favor of sleeping in and March Madness.

Everyone seems surprised that I'm interested in the games and actually sitting here watching basketball while I type. My theory is that, thanks to the brackets, I actually have something invested in who wins or loses. So far I've only missed three... but it's still early. The prize? The losers buy dinner for the winner. Yay for economic solutions.

So what shall I do for the rest of my long weekend? I contemplated the beach, but the idea was killed due to weekday traffic and the amount of things I need to do... the next 72 hours will be filled with:
cleaning the cat box
"One Voice"
eye dr. appointment
vacuuming my car
lunch with Sophia
working on kids Easter performance
exercise of some sort- the weather is beautiful
going to Target for miscellaneous needs
buying dance shoes and tights
cleaning the bathroom
likely dinner with Sophia's family

In other news, I miss chocolate more than certain family members (you can guess which ones, haha). With the exception of a couple birthday treats that I imagine the Lord would forgive, I've stuck with no-sweets-for-Lent. This means that I have not had ice cream, cookies, cake, chocolate, granola bars, pop tarts, muffins, soda, milkshakes, or candy since February 26th. This also means that I have 22 days 11 hours and 53 minutes until my Easter celebration. ;) I bought a box of thin mint girl scout cookies from a co-worker that I will be freezing for the event. Although, I am going to attempt to be super-minimal on my sugar intake after Easter. I am working on being in better shape, and I don't need additional set-backs.

March 11, 2009

the letter

The letter finally came last night. Sophia texted to announce it's arrival, and I had her open it and read it over the phone.

The Director's Guild regrets to inform me that I will not be proceeding further in the selection process for the Assistant Director's Training Program. They say thanks for applying, and suggest I try again next year.

I knew it was a long shot, but I foolishly had hope. Especially since, as a grown-up, I can't take internships. And no one wants to hire me for entry positions when plenty of film school students and current interns are on hand.

My head reminds me that God still has a plan, and for some reason, He's still keeping me at the station. He sees the big picture, after all. And the possibilities are still endless.

But my pesky heart won't stop being sad. And, for the moment, feels imprisoned in piles of paperwork and dying dreams.

March 10, 2009

i hate when time sails by and i miss things

Bah. My blog is going to pot. If anything, I require more time in my day so that I can keep everything updated!!! My condolences to my semi-neglected pen-and-paper journal as well....

The birthday fun was pretty cool. Did the Disneyland thing, and it was a good time to go. Perfect weather, but not too crowded. We did pretty much everythign we wanted to do. I don't really have pictures though, unfortunately. Sophia and family aren't fond of being photographed, and didn't want to engage in silly poses. Pity. It was interesting to see just how many people have the same birthday! They give you a "Happy Birthday" pin, and a ton of people had 'em. And I think I got a record number of birthday well-wishing from strangers! It was a fun time, and I have a 2fer ticket in case anyone wants to go to California Adventure before the end of the month....

Sadly, I didn't get to go paddling on Saturday... however, I was introduced to the Veggie Grill, a little vegetarian place. It is awesome. And I seek more of that goodness. So far, there are only two in the area, and both are agonizingly far from convenience. But if you have any tips on other locations, PLEASE do share. The sweet potato fries and not-really-chicken wings call to me.

Do you remember Sophia's grandpa and his battle with cancer? Get THIS: the cancer is gone. Gone! Can you believe that? God truly does work miracles! So thanks for your prayers. They have been heard!

Mark your calendars for April 10th-19th. One of those days on one of those weekends, you will hopefully be attending "One Voice", a production of Masquer Ministries. I shall provide more details soonly.

Final thought: I'm starting to suspect Obama is full of crap. I've tried to be optimistic, but he's not turning out to be any better than our past politicians. My favorite line of the week is how approving embryonic stem cell research finally allows science to prevail over politics. So then I assume we'll quit distorting the truth about global warming for political gain?

Who are we are kidding?