April 26, 2009

lazy sunday survey

Yesterday’s big event was Relay for Life- my first ever. I do realize that most everyone else in the world has participated, so I won’t tell you what you already know. It was good to participate, and Sophia and her mom were inspired to return next year with our own team. I think it will be fun to camp out and be there the whole time, instead of just the evening.

Today has just been filled with church and much-needed rest. I’m in the mood for fries and a shake, so we’re going to a fifties diner. Yes, it’s a luxury. But I haven’t spent money on going-out-and-doing-something-fun in a couple of paychecks. So one fun meal won’t hurt, right?

And I feel like doing a survey. So yeah.


Halfway through the survey, I got tired of it’s lameness and deleted it. I’m ready for dinner.

Oh, and I’m trying Twitter. I have mixed feelings about it, but if you’re on board, I’m malthestar and would love to follow your updates.

Milkshake and fries, here I come.

April 25, 2009

woke up new

This may lack substance and be a stream of consciousness entry, but I feel like writing…. whether I have a subject or not.

It’s Saturday morning, not too early, and not too late. We are doing Relay for Life this evening, and today will be filled with random productivity. The weather is in the low 60’s… that happy medium where most people are comfy even if some of us are chilly. And after a full day of sleeping and old sitcom reruns (how did I forget how amusing “Just Shoot Me” was? Or was it only amusing because I was drugged and half awake?), I have emerged from the blasted feverish achiness that came with this cold. The runny/stuffy nose I can deal with (which begs the question how it can be runny AND stuffy at the same time), but I am quite happy to say farewell to the other symptoms.

I am contemplating Twitter. Right now it has more “cons” than “pros”. Namely, it’s one more thing that needs upkeep and isn’t really necessary. However, I can update my facebook status at the same time, so that gives it one point in its favor. We’ll see. I still don’t feel strongly enough about it to take action.

If anyone knows how to fix the sensitivity on my laptop touchpad, can you share your wisdom? Currently, it just randomly decides what it wants to click, and it’s a pain in the butt. I think I might invest in a laptop mouse…. we’ll see.

Really, I can’t be investing in anything right now. Darn economy and tight finances. Some friends from work want me to join a gym with them, and while it would be fun and very beneficial, it’s just not in the cards. I remind myself that gym memberships are luxuries! Though a very awesome co-worker blessed Danielle and me with a 30-day pass to the Total Woman Gym a couple blocks from work. We registered, then I got sick again. Lame, huh? We start for real on Monday, after wasting the past few days.

Yeah, this is pointless. I’m going to post anyway. Then I’m going to start some laundry, clean the bathroom, and clean my room of the random “to-do” piles that have accumulated. But maybe I’ll read first…..

April 24, 2009



My sister, Becca, says- “ugh, miss california. she says "no offense." that's the killer. um, well, sorry miss cali, you're standing up for the belief that people shouldn't have equal rights. that. is. offensive. sorry to sound cynical, but if she's working hard to change the world by parading around in a swimsuit and supporting bigotry, i'm completely unimpressed.”

But I think she missed the point.

In this case, the gay marriage issue isn’t the key. The battle could be over anything, but what makes the Miss California story notable is the idea that only certain beliefs are ok to speak. Perhaps some people have forgotten our unalienable rights?

Miss California was asked a question in an interview. My understanding is that contestants are judged on their speaking skills and thoughtfulness. However, the question was posed by a judge with a bias. If this judge decided to lower her score based on his opinion (one that could be offensively by a large group of people, for that matter), then that’s his prerogative as a judge. However, he went further and publicly demeaned her (with even more offensive language, if we’re keeping an offense tally). What I observe is a judge stepping out of bounds to be cruel and without class- and the criticism going to a girl who answered a question honestly.

So maybe her methods of making a difference aren’t what most of us choose to do, or even fully respect. But it’s her thing. It’s what she’s good at and what she enjoys. I imagine Carrie Prejean feels the same way about beauty pageants as I do about theater, architects about building, gardeners about landscape, teachers about education, and so on. And isn’t that what we all do- use our passion in an attempt to better the world?

Perhaps as a society we are too busy looking for offenses. We are all going to be irritated, put-off, insulted, or disgusted every now and then. That’s the beauty of living in a country where free speech is permitted and celebrated. The mix of the most varied ideas is what causes us to think, reshape our own ideas, and become better people for it. Because you don’t agree and it makes you mad doesn’t take away a person’s right to speak. And it doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong.

April 21, 2009

how can i be tired already?


The days seem to end without my permission. Hours slip through my fingertips, tasks lists unfinished. Mornings come too quickly, and ambitions to rise early are met with the rush of sleeping later than desired. Beginning the day with failure is not the best way to set the mood.

I imagine I’ll reread this tomorrow and roll my eyes at the melodrama. For now, i’ll type what I can before my eyes can’t stay open any longer.

“One Voice” is over….. and, as is the case with most shows, it is bittersweet. It’s good to move forward, to rest, and to catch up on all things neglected during production weeks. There are future shows to happily anticipate. This is only touched with some sadness of the good-bye to project, and more importantly, the precious time with precious people. But God did His work, and there is more work to do.

My back is healing (yay!), though slower than I would like (boo!). As long as I don’t sit too long, I’m ok. Unfortunately, sleeping is uncomfortable. This seems a tad bit unfair…..

I’m finally participating in Relay for Life on Saturday! I’ve wanted to do it for years, and it’s never worked out. There are so many dear people in my life who have battled cancer- for better or for worse. I’ve always  felt helpless, and feel like it’s a chance to do something productive, no matter how small a thing that is. That being said, in order for the efforts to be fruitful, I need sponsors! Check out my fundraising page if you’d like to be supportive: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/malindaspage (thank you in advance!).

I want to high five Miss California, and pray she stays strong. Pageant contestants dream of changing the world, and I think she’s taken a great step to do just that. Stick with your guns, girl. Don’t let cultural pressure cause you to compromise what you know is true. And really, if Perez Hilton is your biggest detractor… My pinky toe has more class. ;)

Is it lame that I really like the “Brand New Day” song from the Target commercials and sort of want to download it? I’m such a sell-out to carefully schemed marketing.

Other news… Jolie is SO close to being taken to a shelter. Just when I’m about to grab her carrier to load her up, she gets a reprieve. We are going to steam clean my carpet, and if she can behave, she gets to stay. Please pray for miracles.

Thanks to an awesome, generous co-worker, I have a thirty-day membership to Total Woman Gym. I’m excited and plan on using the heck out this free thirty days. The goal is that it jump starts my campaign to being in waaaaay better shape for the next Masquer show. Current obstacle: my enthusiastic reunion with sweets. I think they’re going to have to go, but I lack the spiritual resolve that got me through Lent. Help?

April 13, 2009

nodding off

Quick blurb while I'm covering the front desk for the receptionist's lunch break....

I think "The Office" is jumping the shark. And this makes me sad. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out, but I may be in the market for a new favorite show.

The play is going fantastically well. We had a great run this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to the three shows this coming weekend. This also means that you can still come see it! It's free, it's in Anaheim, and i am happy to provide more details if you want to come. I posted pics on my facebook, and fully intend to put them here as well. However, I am short on time these days, so please forgive me! You can check out http://jchphotography.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/masquer-ministries-presents-one-voice-a-drama-for-easter/ for a great slideshow and stills from the show by an excellent photographer.

My back is happily healing. However, the doctor had me on crutches for a couple days. This felt quite a bit ridiculous and over the top (but apparently helped it heal instead of become worse). I was happy to return the crutches just in time for opening night, and every day it improves. I'm still uncomfortable if I sit for too long (as in Easter church service + car + lunch at a Mexican restaurant + more car), but I'm optimistic and able to go about daily activities.

It's also good to be less distracted by back pain, because work is still busy. I'm starting to achieve the balance of human resources and copywriting. I'm also learning how to schedule meetings with congress people, thanks to my current boss-mandated project. Though initially intimidating, it is simply another instance of assistants communicating to get the job done. Yay corporate America.

April 02, 2009

four pillows, a laptop, and a turtle

I love that my grandma texts now. While a phone conversation would be better, time zone and schedule differences make that difficult. Texting, however, is a happy thing.

Good news on the work front! I got a semi-promotion! I am officially a copywriter in addition to my HR duties. Once I moved from the front desk, I no longer had time to write (most of my writing was done extra-curricularly anyway). Now, I will divide my regular work day into five hours of administrative tasks and three hours of writing. I am quite happy. It’s on a trial basis for now, but I’m quite optimistic.

Ironically, now that I am looking forward to something about work, I am not there. Thanks to some mysterious cause (I am starting to wonder about my recent time on the exercise equipment at the park), my lower back is out of sorts. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Walking hurts. In fact, there are a lot of things that hurt that I never knew were possible. I tried to ignore it and work through yesterday. After all, the last time this happened it only took a day of rest followed by a day of taking it slow, and I was back in the saddle. Apparently, sitting in my car for an hour-long commute was the straw that broke this busy gal’s back.

So after painfully hobbling around the office as if I were old enough to retire, I called a chiropractor. And while that decision was made out of desperation, it was the best decision ever. Not only did I walk out of there feeling MUCH better (emphasis on the ability to walk comfortably!), but i really liked their friendly office, down to the cool gadgets and pet turtles. I felt 85% better, and figured the rest would follow in the next day or so.

But, long story short, I’m at home today, doing what I can to get some kind of work done despite being on my back propped up between pillows. Though at the moment, I’m actually quite comfortable. I thank the prescription pain pills Sophia’s stepdad shared with me….

Hopefully, tomorrow’s follow-up appointment with the chiropractor will smooth it all out. Especially since Sunday begins tech week for the play, and we open next Friday! It’s gonna be fantastic. :)