March 28, 2011

my life in poop

After a seemingly infinite wait, the day finally arrived…. bringing with it a tiny little bundle of fur, energy, and messes. Meet Yoshi.

yoshi 004

She’s half chihuahua/half poodle (chipoodle, if you will?), and quite sweet. Yoshi is also the typical playful puppy, much to Tootsie’s slight irritation. Well, she doesn’t seem to mind the playing as much as the biting. But I think we all feel that way.

So now my schedule revolves around the frequency of my puppy’s bladder. Outside walks every two hours, and trying not to leave her alone in the house for horribly long stretches….. that kind of thing. And so far, it’s been slowly moving in the right direction toward housebreaking. Yay!

yoshi 017

In other news, I’m at that familiar stressful place where work gets busy, school is in full swing, and a show opens in a few weeks. Thankfully God and a little bit of mania provide necessary energy. Everything is racing along, and I’m thankful to be healthy again.

So that’s life for now…. workchurch, rehearsal, school, puppy. Relay for Life is on Saturday, and I’m super short on donations this year (so feel free to help! My Relay page is I know the stretches between entries have been long, but it’s just been a mass of busyness with not much time for blogging, nor colorful stories that are fun to read. Wait, that’s probably not true. There’s always a story…. but for now, I’ll just leave you with a couple more puppy shots. Of course, I already need to update them. In the few short weeks since she’s moved in, she’s already growing so fast!

yoshi 018

Half the time they get along, the other half, Yoshi is a pest and Tootsie is a grouch….


yoshi 006

Mrs. Ladypant is her favorite toy!

March 10, 2011

walking palace of germs

Perhaps traipsing barefoot in wet grass at twilight is not the best method for getting over sickness. But isn’t the sheer desire to traipse at all a significant sign of pending healthiness? So with Tootsie in tow, we enjoyed the few last moments of daylight before the night chill set in.

I suppose I should’ve learned my lesson on Saturday. A sudden warm day screamed “Beach!!” loudly and clearly. So with sniffly noses, a sudden burst of energy, and a touch of cabin fever, Kelly and I went down the street to visit the tide pools. It was a glorious afternoon break from the usual Saturday busyness, set to the soundtrack of saltwater waves against rock, lit expertly by the sun and his crew of clouds. Face-to-face with urchins and hermit crabs in the palms of our hands, I could hear the sea call us back under with the promise of warmer water for dives in the near future.

Of course i felt sick again by Monday.

Nevermind the emergen-c and zicam campaign i’ve been waging since the end of February. It has only prolonged whatever disease is being passed around my friends and castmates. I managed to live in denial for almost a week before succumbing to the sore throat, tired, achy, mucus-y time-waster that is illness. Thankfully, that week included my birthday- a day hanging out with friends at the local mini-golf/laser tag/rock wall place, followed by a delicious dinner. Sadly, it postponed other fun birthday plans, including a trip to the local sea lion care center. I’ve traded in fun outings and even some responsibilities for extra sleep and sitcoms on netflix. This is all good and fine for a day or two, but it’s getting rather old as we near the end of the second week of germfest 2011.

But the energy to take Tootsie out for a walk tonight leaves me with optimism and a glimpse of the light at the end of sick tunnel. And, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be taking lots of walks after this weekend, when Yoshi the puppy finally arrives in L.A. So I better have energy for the frequent walks required of housebreaking… and chasing after a non-stop puppy!