December 17, 2009

tales from Christmas ambition

Question for bloggers who are also active on facebook/twitter: Do you feel like you have less to say in this forum after you've written there? Please discuss. 'Cause I kind of do.

I write this in my office at work, because my task list is complete for the day and there are 45 minutes remaining until my freedom. I have a self-induced headache from too many hours in front of the computer monitor and too much sugar in the form of Christmas goodies.

Tonight will be filled with more Christmas gift assembling. Homemade gifts are fun and endearing, but I'm running out of time. I don't want to rush and produce mediocre crafts just so someone has something to unwrap... i want to give something that will be meaningful. I AM proud to report that all items for far-away-folks have been shipped to arrive on time for Christmas. * curtsies *

Here's the "Operation Torrance" update for those who are wondering:

My last day in this office is January 4th. I start classes on the 6th. However, I won't know which classes until my registration appointment on Monday evening. I'm praying that the classes I need are available.
Once I get my school schedule, I will confirm my work schedule.
Once I confirm my work schedule, I will register for work as an extra with central casting.
And once all sources of income are securely in place, I will be able to move.

At least that's the current plan. If God shakes things up, it might change.... but for the better. I'm trying really hard not to stress out with so many loose ends fluttering in the breeze. And holiday busyness adds to the chaos.

Which reminds me- there's some Christmas cards I should be signing right now.....

December 04, 2009

me vs. lexus, round 2

Traffic in the morning is inevitable. Most of us are prepared with favorite cd’s or radio programs, or car-tasks like breakfast or applying make-up. Most of us just chill; we know there will be slow traffic and we’re prepared to be on the freeway for a pretty long time. You can only go as fast as the person in front of you, after all.

Most of us.

Then there are the others, who think that perhaps today will be different than any other day. They imagine themselves beating the system and arriving to their location in a magically timely manner. Perhaps they envision their vehicle as a helicopter, or at least a motorcycle. Traffic laws and common sense do not apply to this group.

One member of this group drove a maroon Lexus SUV. They ignored the solid lines of safety to abruptly exit the carpool lane and cut me, calm, law-abiding citizen, off. Then they proceeded to do the same to others, weaving in and out of various lanes in a twisted game of leap frog (or maybe frogger?), racing to get through the 210 parking lot before the rest of us. I watched and mumbled words of annoyance, then returned to applying eye shadow to the tunes of Air1.

A few miles down the road, traffic slowed even more. The cause? One maroon Lexus SUV pulled to the left shoulder of the carpool lane by a motorcycle cop. I almost rolled down my window to shout words of thanks to the officer.

I believe justice has been properly served.