February 26, 2010

paint it black

i am a lazy bum.

i have the entire day off, and have done nothing but sleep, read, and spend quality time with the computer. It’s not as if I don’t have a plethora of options- including necessary tasks and festive past-times. I’m just downright lazy today.

In other news, everything else is truckin’ along. School is going well, work is going well, i’m still searching for a second job or other such solution to financial shortfalls. I spend hours each day in my car and look forward to the moment financial shortfalls are solved so i can move to a more central location. Otherwise, I am prepared to move anyway and spend 80% of my money on rent and scrape by on the rest!

Random tidbits:

I’m not completely opposed to “Fireflies” by Owl City. But the part where he talks about keeping a few in a jar makes me sad. After painting a picture of millions of flying lights, you can’t confine the magical creatures to a jar. That’s like keeping an orca in a tank (what, too soon?).

This weekend’s homework consists of shading a drawing of an apple and a pear.

This year’s birthday celebrating seems to revolve around food. Due to finances and crazy schedules, there will be no “birthday adventure”. This is actually kind a blessing in itself, as past birthday adventures, though exciting (kayaking in San Diego, “Wicked”, Disneyland), would be too much to try to manage at the moment. So, a series of birthday dinners with my favorite people will do nicely. However, if someone wants to give me an apartment in the South Bay area as a birthday present, I would humbly accept and love them forever.

I think I’m the only person in America who is uninterested in the Olympics.

February 15, 2010

doo be doo

Ah, a day off. Plenty of time to do the things I want. An excellent time to check off ye olde to-do list….. who am i kidding?

I celebrate President’s day by sleeping in, watching tv, spending copious amounts of time on the internet, and procrastinating. In fact, it’s kind of an expanded version of how I waste time any other day of the year. Washington and Lincoln would be proud, i’m sure.

My excuse is that this is my last day of some sort of freedom. You see, I start school tomorrow. That’s right, school. I’m super excited to FINALLY be getting this thing underway. At the same time, it feels so weird to be getting ready for school again. If only I could remember where I packed my purses and bags. Gonna need something a bit larger to hold books than my trusty turtle tote.

My new schedule is as follows: class in the morning in Torrance, work in Orange from 12-5. Except Fridays, where I only have work. Since the moving hasn’t happened quite yet due to financial delay, I have a two hour drive each morning to school (yay, traffic…). I’m still searching for a second part-time job to solve said financial delay, thus eliminating two-hour commute. If you were wondering whatever happened to background extra jobs: in a month, I haven’t qualified for a single job. Either I’m too young, too old, the wrong color, or lacking skills like a circus act or gun-handling… or once even the wrong kind of car. Perhaps in the future it will work, but for now, I’m seeking a more reliable source of income.

So here’s to spending the next few hours wisely. I’ll clean my room, grab some (decaf) coffee with a friend, pack my lunch, and head to bed early. Five am comes early (dear Lord, give me strength), and I’ve got a big week ahead.

February 03, 2010

(wo)man of constant sorrow


So that’s not entirely true. Yes, I often become depressed and moody, but I am also often happy and joyful. But this is a good time to remember that blog titles are now brought to you by my iTunes on shuffle.

Ironically, I’m in a crappy mood at the moment. I try not to write when i’m in a bad mood, but it’s been long enough between entries. I can’t help that my free time today was made possible by this borderline migraine headache that kept me from work. And you can’t help it that I’m typing right after a frustrating visit to the optometrist that can’t seem to provide my updated prescription for contact lenses in a timely manner. So we’ll just attempt to move on together.

Obligatory update: not much is happening. School starts in less than two weeks, and I’m excited for that. No moving happening yet, but I’m doing my best to trust God’s timing. Work is uneventful, and i have yet to meet criteria for any jobs as an extra. So i’m stressing out a little about finances, but seeking God’s wisdom and praying for open doors of opportunity. Meanwhile, i find myself looking forward to Sunday Masquer rehearsals earlier and earlier each week. (The show is Easter weekend and the weekend after. Mark your calendars now.)

I’m really short on interesting anecdotes or uplifting stories at the moment. I leave you with things I have learned/experienced/recommend/caution against:

“Four Christmases”- cute movie, you should watch it.

Dr. Milton Hom in Azusa is the optometrist that you should avoid.

Ministry is no place for your pride or need to control things. Especially children’s ministry.

Friends who sympathize then urge you to move on and stop wallowing in your bad mood are a treasure.


Now I feel like a fortune cookie. I’m taking that as a cue to finish up. Feel free to leave tidings of comfort and joy.